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Mississippi Section Report For
 March 2014

SM:  Malcolm Keown, W5XX.  Section Web Site: www.arrlmiss.org.  Web Master: w5ue@arrl.net.

District Emergency Coordinators: WB5CON, KE5KTU, N9OKV, K1REZ, AG5Z, N5ZNT and KB0ZTX. 


The 11th Mississippi QSO Party is now history. The terrestrial weather man was good to us wedging a rain free day in on Saturday between two days with all day rains.  But the Solar Weatherman was not so good.  A space weather event pushed the K index up to 4. As a result band conditions were up and down on 10, 15, and 20 varying from great to nearly dead,  In spite of the bad conditions many mobiles and portables were on the air in the field as well as a multitude of home stations.  And as a sidebar ARRL President N3KN participated in the QSO Party from Virginia! More info next month after the logs come in.

DEC/EC WB5CON reports from Alcorn County that K5WHB is now the Mississippi Director and Frequency Coordinator for the Southeastern Repeater Association. In addition, he has a new 6 meter repeater on the air which is tied into both 2 meter and 440 repeaters in the area. There is a lot of activity working on wide area linking.

W1AW is coming to Mississippi on April 16-22 as part of the ARRL Centennial Celebration. If you are interested in operating your station as W1AW see the instructions on www.arrlmiss.org.

On your long range calendar pencil in the 2014 ARRL Day in the Park for October 4 at Grenada Lake.  POCs are AD5IT and W5BAM. More info to follow.

WB8BZH notes that the Salvation Army Emergency Radio Network (SATERN) Ham Station at the new Emergency Disaster Services Center in Jackson is on the air (WB5ALM) and can be controlled remotely via the internet. The installation received nice write ups in the March 13 ARRL weekly Newsletter and the monthly ARRL E-Letter.

DEC K1REZ, Net Manager for the Mississippi Digital Amateur Radio Club, reports that the digital modes are experiencing a major rebirth in Mississippi.  The Club sponsors the MS PSK31 Net which is a social net directed in round-table fashion; the MS Digital SKYWARN Net, which holds a training net once each month and is also activated during severe weather in MS; the MS Narrow Band Emergency Messaging System Net, which holds a training session once each month and is activated during emergencies to pass traffic using standard NTS and ICS forms and CSV formatted files; the MS-DARC Experimental Net, which meets to test the propagation properties of new digital modes; and the MS Peer-to-Peer Email via Amateur Radio Net, which allows Hams to practice sending and receiving emails directly from their radio through the airwaves to another radio in the state, without using the Internet.

Further, every Monday night the club also sends out an FCC allowed one-way Weekly Digital Bulletin with information of interest to Digital Hams in MS.  A complete listing of net times and frequencies is provided on the Mississippi Section Web Site at www.arrlmiss.org under Nets.  Also see www.msdarc.org for a discussion of the MSDARC and tips on how to get started on the HF Digital modes.

WB5ASP got some good local media coverage for Ham Radio as a result of his presentation to the Lincoln County Genealogical and Historical Society. His picture and portable station setup were featured in the March 18 edition of the Brookhaven Daily Leader.

N5MZ reports that the Petal Amateur Wireless Society (PAWS) had a very active month in March with 10 new Technicians and three upgrades to General. A new General Class will start in April.
Further, PAWS provided communications for the Petal Y's 'Light the Night 5K' on March 29.  the event was postponed from March 28 due to severe weather in the area. Several new Hams and Petal High School students provided safety and support communications: KG5AFS, N5MZ, KF5ZCI, KF5YXO,  KG5AZG, KG5AZH, NU5Y, KF5SPG, KF5YXY, KG5ASA, KF5ZFU, K5JBA, and KF5YXZ. At the March PAWS Meeting NU5Y provided a presentation on solar power. Eric's company, BeReady Solar is a vendor at a number of area hamfests.  PAWS had 29 in attendance - a record crowd!  You can follow PAWS on Facebook - search for Petal Amateur Wireless Society - N5YH.

DEC KE5KTU notes that the  Metro Jackson ARES net conducted an exercise simulating the loss of our repeaters during the net. They switched to a back up frequency of 146.540 Simplex and re-established the Net there utilizing relay stations. They were able to 'net' 7 or more stations. This was a unannounced drill and very informative.

In a similar exercise EC K5JAW reports from the Delta that during one session of the Delta ARES Emergency Net a previously unannounced simplex test was conducted. Normal net operations are held on the N5LRL repeater. During the net, the NCS directed all stations to a simplex frequency to finish the Net. Relay operations were needed in some cases, but conditions were favorable to conduct simplex from Sunflower to Carroll Counties.  Jim notes that they weren't the most clear 2-meter simplex QSOs, but this approach worked.  More tests like this will be conducted each month to maintain familiarity with switching from repeater to simplex, as well as serving to gauge 2-meter simplex propagation.

K5JAW also reports that he is participating the QSO-365 Project this year which requires participants to make at least one QSO per Day during 2015. Jim says this project forces him to make a conscious effort to get on the air daily and become a better operator.  So far he has not missed a day in 2015 and has 8 new countries logged.  The best DX has been RI1ANT in Antarctica.  For more info check the G6NHU blog at http://qso365.co.uk/

Welcome to the following new Hams in Mississippi in March: KG5ANM, Clifton - Lucedale; KG5ANQ, Daniel - Booneville; KG5AOR, Amos - Perkinston; KG5AOT, Susan - McHenry; KG5AQL, Michael - Ocean Springs; KG5ARZ, Tyson - Lucedale; KG5ASA, Lewis - Petal; KG5ASB, Joshua - Petal; KG5ASI, Phillip - Cleveland; KG5ATV, Dow - Coffeeville; KG5ATW, Andrew - Grenada; KG5ATX, Joshua - Grenada; KG5ATY, Zachary - Grenada; KG5ATZ, David - Carrollton; KG5AUA, Louis - Grenada; KG5AUB, Jimmy - Pope; KG5AUC, Jimmy - Greenwood; KG5AUD, Joshua - Coila; KG5AUE, Jay - Grenada; KG5AUW, Sumpter - Oxford; KG5AVD, Danny - Southaven; KG5AVE, Pamela - Nesbit; KG5AVF, Donald - Hernando; KG5AVG, Nyla - Hernando;  KG5AVI, John - Southaven; KG5AVJ, James - Southaven; KG5AVK, Cynthia - Olive Branch; KG5AVL, Mike - Hernando; KG5AVM, Susan - Hernando; KG5AVN, Jayson - Hernando; KG5AVS, Chester - Hollandale; KG5AVT, Michelle - Crystal Springs; KG5AVU, Tai - Richland; KG5AVV, Dale - Clinton; KG5AWM, Patrick - Lauderdale; KG5AWN, Jonathan - Collinsville; KG5AXH, William - Brandon; KG5AZG, Emilie - Petal; KG5AZH, Aimee - Petal; KG5AZI, Nathan - Petal; KG5AZJ, Dwayne - Laurel; KG5AZK, Tim - Petal; KG5AZL, Delisa - Lucedale; KG5AZM, Brent - Lucedale; KG5AZN, Ryan - Petal; KG5BAU, Leon - Starkville; KG5BAV, Benjamin - Columbus; KG5BAX, Richard - Greenwood; KG5BBA, Terry - Crystal Springs; and KG5BDR, Scott - McHenry.  51 new Hams in one month! Wow! Thanks for the assistance from the instructors, mentors, and VE Teams, who conducted the exams.

Also welcome to the following new ARRL Members in March: KD5AAG, W.D. - Hattiesburg; KE5AIF, David - Starkville; KG5ASA, Lewis - Petal; KG5AVH, William - Byhalia; KG5AVK, Mike - Hernando; K4CYZ, Kenneth - Pascagoula; KB5GEH, Perry - Raymond; N4GJP, Richard - Ocean Springs; AE5HG, Albert - Brandon; W5IGE, Robert - Ocean Springs; KA5IWO, Kevin - Madison; WD5JNC, John - Moss Point; KF5MYY, Aaron - Sumrall; KD5NYV, Emmett - Terry; KF5PRS, William - Iuka; KF5RBP, Germaine - Brandon; KD5RJX, James - Brooklyn; KF5SFJ, Glenn - Gulfport; KD5SPQ, Donald - Olive Branch; KE5UD, William - Ocean Springs; K5VSD, Jimmy - Amory; and KF5YTL, David - Carriere;  The Mississippi ARRL Membership is now 1,144. Up 13 from last month.  Just two short of our record. Thanks for your continuing membership recruitment efforts. 

In addition welcome to KE5NQP as OO, KE5BSB as OES in Itawamba County, and KB9ZR as Assistant EC in Harrison County.

Congratulations to the following on their upgrades:  KG5AFT, Kissi - Mize; KG5AKQ, Corey - Southaven; KG5AMG, Leon - Crystal Springs; KG5ANB, Ronald - Seminary; KG5AOS, Timothy - Wiggins; KF5SEJ, Herbert - Crystal Springs; KF5TAV, Dorothy - Horn Lake; KF5UJD, David - Wiggins; KF5ZAT, Keith - Petal; and KF5ZTO, Claude - Utica.

Also congratulations to KE5BSB for completing ARRL Course EO-16 on Public Service and Emergency Communications Management for Radio Amateurs.

Club Newsletters/Reports: Hattiesburg ARC (AC5E), Lowndes County ARC (AD5DO), Meridian ARC (W5MAV), and the Northeast Mississippi ARA (KB5NMB). 

DEC/EC Reports: WB5CON (NE MS/Alcorn), KF5EZT (Rankin), KE5KTU (Hinds), K5JAW (Delta), K5MOZ (Jackson), WX5N (Prentiss and Tishomingo), KB5NMB (Itawamba), N9OKV (Harrison), WV1Q (Jasper), K1REZ (EC MS), WA5TEF (Lee), and KE5WJN (Pearl River).

Regret to report the passing of WA5VFP of Philadelphia.  Gene was past Assistant Executive Director of the Mississippi Baptist Convention as well as earlier being Pastor of First Baptist Church in Philadelphia for many years. Also regret the passing of W5ED of Meridian.  Jim was a retired USAF Senior M/SGT and past DEC of East Central Mississippi.  And lastly regret to reports the passing of N5RJD.  Bob was a regular checkin to the MSPN and frequently went to DRN5 to take traffic. 

HF Net Reports - sessions/QNI/QTC (Net Manager)

Magnolia Section Net 31/1175/21 (K5DSG
MS Baptist Hams Net 5/32/0 (WF5F)
MSPN 31/2357/5 (K5NRK)
MS Slow Net 20/39/0  (W3TWD)

VHF Net Reports -  sessions/QNI/QTC (Net Manager)

Booneville and Prentiss County ARES Net  4/45/0 (WX5N)
Capital Area Em Net  5/71/0  (K5XU)
Chickasaw ARA Net  5/85/0  (N5PYQ) February 4/72/0
Delta ARES Net 5/34/1 (K5JAW) One weather net activation with 6 Delta Counties represented.
Grenada/Yalobusha Counties ARES Net  2/20/0  (AD5IT)
Itawamba County ARES 4/69/3 (KB5NMB)
Jackson ARC Em Net 4/44/0  (N5DU)
Jackson County Em Net  27/478/0 (K5MOZ)
Magnolia DX Assn 5/49/0 (K5OAZ)
MCARA Net 4/62/0 (K5KMU)
Metro Jackson ARES Net 5/54/0  (K5GCY)
Miss/Lou Em Net 5/39/0 (K5NRK)
MS Digital Skywarn Net 1/10/2 (K1REZ)
MS Digital PTP Email 2/22/4 (K1REZ)
North MS Storm Spotters and Chasers  5/40/0  (WS0Q)
Olive Branch Tech and Info Net 10/95/1 (KD5CKP)
Pearl River ARES 5/69/0 (KE5WJN)
Pearl River ARC 4/71/0 (K5RDA)
Rankin County ARES 4/57/0  (KF5EZT)
Scott County ARES Training Net 5/62/0 (KC5IIW) One weather net activation.
Scott County Simplex Net 5/34/0 (KC5IIW)
South MS YL Net 4/36/0 (KB5CSQ)
South Central Skywarn  and Jasper County ARES 4/27/0 (WV1Q)
Stateline Skywarn Net  4/61/0  (KB5NMB)
Stone County ARES 5/60/0 (N5UDK) 
Tishomingo ARC Net 4/83/0 (WX5N) One weather net activation; AG5RP NCS with 14 QNI.
UMARC Net 5/36/0 (K5LMB)
Yazoo County ARES Net 5/29/0 (KF5DJS)

Public Service Honor Roll: K5JAW 94 and W5XX 70

Compilation of Net and PSHR statistics provided by KB5RCJ.

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