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Mississippi Section Report For
 October, 2015

SM:  Malcolm Keown, W5XX.  Section Web Site: www.arrlmiss.org.  Web Master: w5ue@arrl.net.


EC WA5TEF reports that the Papa Jack Trade Day was held at the Tupelo Airport Terminal with 75 Hams in attendance.  ICOM Representative Will Jourdain visited PJTD to demonstrate new products. The Grand Prize was an Icom ID-51A D-Star won by W7YQ.  Plans are in progress for next year’s event on a date to be announced in the next few months.

Mississippi has two great Hamfests before 2016 closes out.  The Jackson County ARA will host their Hamfest on November 13 and 14 at the St. Martin Community Center in Ocean Springs. POC is K5MOZ@arrl.net.  Further, the Pearl River ARC will conduct their Hamfest on December 12 at the Pearl River County EOC in Poplarville. POC is K5RDA@att.net.

And on your long range calendar pencil in the Capital City Hamfest (ARRL Mississippi State Convention) at the Trade Mart in Jackson on January 29 and 30. Our guest from ARRL Headquarters will be KX9K, ARRL Media and Public Relations Manager. Sean will provide a forum on how to prepare PR materials for local radio/TV stations and newspapers. Hamfest POC is K5TDD at k5tdd@jtoddwarren@gmail.com.

On October 10 and 11 the Jackson ARC and the Central Mississippi ARA, assisted by operators from the Scott County ARC, the Vicksburg ARC, and operators from Alabama provided communications support for the Multiple Sclerosis Society’s MS 150 Bike Ride. On Saturday, the riders departed Ridgeland, headed south to Raymond on the Natchez Trace, then over to Bolton, up to Flora, and back to Ridgeland.   For the Sunday route, the riders again departed Ridgeland, but headed North to Canton, then continued North to the Sharon community, over to the Natchez Trace, and back down the Natchez Trace to Ridgeland. The combined mileage for the two days was approximately 150 miles. Operators participating in the event were WM5A, K5BLL, K5CID, N5DU, K1JHS, KG5JAW, AG5BC, AF5QD, KF5YGG, K5RWB, KF5IZ, KF5WDL, KB5SMK, K5IMT, K5XU, K5KKD, AK4EJ, AK5HW, KF4YPT, KG4DBE, KG5FSA, and W5RUE. With such a great turnout by the Amateur Radio community, there were enough operators to staff net control and each rest stop, as well as other locations.  Many thanks to all who participated in the event and a special thanks to the operators from Alabama who performed the difficult job of Tail End Charlie

PIO KF5ZCI reports on October 25th the Lamar and Forrest Counties ARES Teams provided communications for the annual Mississippi Walk for Diabetes in Hattiesburg. Participants were Lamar County EC N5SP, Assts. ECs K5VBB and KF5II, Forrest County EC N5MZ and Asst. EC NU5Y, as well as PIO KF5ZCI and KD5XG.  Despite the rain all operators did their job with the utmost professionalism!

K5LMB notes that The University of Mississippi ARC also supported the Diabetes Walk with some 150 walkers following a route through Oxford.  UMARC Members were stationed along the Route to advise officials of the Walker’s progress.  Those participating were WB5VYH, KC5KLW, KZ7H, AB5TR, and K5LMB with KC9NPF as Net Control.

Mississippi got some good recognition in the November QST.  The lead article was by KW5GP entitled Introduction to the Arduino Microcomputer.  In addition, W5THT had an article in Hints and Kinks entitled Thoriated-Tungsten Filament Rejuvenation plus Pat had his picture in Happenings with his 630 Meter Antenna Tuning System. A pat on the back for both Mississippi Hams.

K5SCW reports that Pearl River ARES supported the Pearl River EMA in standing up a simulated displaced persons shelter at the Southern Baptist facility in McNeil.  They had 6 participants manning both VHF and HF stations. There were some issues with equipment familiarity, and several areas were identified where ARES members needed some remedial or additional training. Shawn says all in all it was a success.

Lee County EC WA5TEF reports on October 28 they participated in the statewide tornado drill. A simulated tornado warning was issued at 0916, and the Northeast Mississippi Skywarn Weather Net activated. K5TMM, WA5CYR, AF5OH, W5STV, KE5UFZ, AF5PO, AK5CT and WA5TEF participated in the net.  Memphis Weather was not able to fire up their station due to remodeling being done there. They hope to conduct another test once they get equipment hooked back up.

West Central Mississippi DEC KC5IMN is holding quarterly meeting for his ECs and AECs.  The objective is to promote a cohesive organization capable of responding to EMCOMM Events.  All DECs are encouraged to hold regular District Meetings to strengthen ARES.

AD5DO reports from Columbus that the Lowndes County ARC has a new repeater on the air replacing the old 147.000 machine. Teletec, the tower owner, advised the Club last spring that this would be an excellent time to upgrade the repeater equipment. As a result, all of the antennas, feedlines, mounting brackets, and hardware were replaced.  A climate controlled portable building was delivered to the tower site and off loaded by crane. Finally a Yaesu Fusion Repeater was installed, and 147.000 is back on the air!

N5AHM reports that the Mississippi Coast ARA held their third Ham Campout October 23-25. There was great weather, plenty of DX worked, and a group of Cub Scouts dropped by to be introduced to Ham Radio.

N5XXX reminds us that December 5 th is Skywarn Recognition Day. This is an annual event when the NWS says thanks to Ham volunteers for their assistance during high impact weather and hydrologic events. WX5JAN will operate from the NWS at the Jackson Airport.  This will give local hams an opportunity to tour the Jackson NWS and operate WX5JAN from 8AM to 1PM trying to contact as many other Ham Stations at NWS facilities as possible.  For more info contact Billy Bob at wrsekul@aol.com.

There seems to be a growing reluctance on the section nets to handling formal traffic. This could be because hams don’t want to be bothered with it or don’t know how to handle traffic. This is not good because a communications emergency is not the time to learn how to handle traffic. In many cases the traffic is for a new Ham who has a bunch of questions on how to get on the air or gives the traffic handler a chance to strike up a new friendship.  There is plenty of information on the ARRL Web Site on traffic handling. Just type in traffic on the search engine.

Welcome to the following new Hams in Mississippi in October: KG5JML, Tim - Tishomingo; KG5JMM, David - Iuka; KG5JMN, David - Tishomingo;  KG5JTD, Anthony - Biloxi; KG5JTE, Harriet - Ocean Springs; KG5JVF, Byron - Ecru; KG5JVT, Joshua - Petal; KG5JVV, Mickey - Monticello;  KG5JVW, Dixie - Raymond; KG5JVZ, Kenneth - Florence; KG5JWA, Donald - Meridian; KG5JWB, Timothy - Meridian; KG5JWC, Lynn - Meridian; KG5JWD, Donald - Meridian; KG5JWH, Nathan - Foxworth; KG5JWL, Carl - Madison; KG5JWM, Brian - Flowood; KG5JWN, Christopher - Jackson; KG5JWO, Richard - Pearl; KG5JXX, Brantley - Mooreville; KG5JZU, Kevin - Hernando; and KG5JZV, Debbie - Pontotoc. If any of these new Hams are in your area give them a call and see if they need any help getting on the air and invite them to your next local club meeting!

Also welcome to the following new ARRL Members in October: WB4BWD, Thurston - Pascagoula; KJ6EB, Cotter - Corinth; KG5HAG, Christopher - Brandon; KG5JAW, Brooke - Brandon; KG5JJX, William - Pascagoula; KD5JQF, Talmadge - Corinth; KG5JWH, Nathan - Foxworth; KG5JWL, Carl - Madison; W5MSV. Michael - Morton; N5NZ, David - Ellisville; WE5ROK, Ryann - Steens;  KD5QQL, Kendel - Corinth;  KE5VRN, Vernon - Cleveland; N5YAB, Charles - Wiggins; KE5YFA, Joyce - Pearl; and W7YQ, Alan - Okolona. 

As of October 31 ARRL Membership in Mississippi was 1,147 up 11 from last month! We are approaching out record of 1,156. Keep working!  Thanks to all who promote ARRL Membership!

Congratulations to the following on their upgrades:  KG5AVJ, James - Southaven; KF5CCI, Charles - Meridian; KC5HPU, Wayne - Meridian; KG5IIS, William - Madison; KG5IRU, Charles - Senatobia; KG5JJY, Charles - Clinton; KD5QQL, Kendel - Corinth; KC8SAJ, Benjamin - Lake;  and KB5SAT, Herbert - Hurley.

ASEC/DEC/EC Monthly Reports for October 2015: WB5CON (Alcorn), KC5IIW (Scott), K5MOZ (Jackson), WX5N (NE MS/Prentiss/Tishomingo), K5SCW (Pearl River), WX5SE (Itawamba), and WA5TEF (Lee).

PIO Report: KF5ZCI

Club Newsletter/Reports (Editor): Delta ARES (K5JAW), Lowndes County ARC (AD5DO), Marion County ARC (AF5NG), and the Meridian ARC (W5MAV).

HF Net Reports - sessions/QNI/QTC (Net Manager)

Magnolia Section Net 31/1052/8 (K5DSG)
MS Baptist Hams Net  4/24/0 (WF5F)
MSPN 31/2086/14 (K5NRK)

VHF Net Reports - sessions/QNI/QTC (Net Manager)

Alcorn County ARES 4/38/0 (WB5CON)
Booneville and Prentiss County Net 4/47/0 (WX5N)
Capital Area Em Net 4/47/0 (K5XU)
Chickasaw ARA Net 4/78/0 (N5PYQ) Reports also provided for June through September
Delta ARES Simplex Net 4/22/0 (K5JAW) 
Hattiesburg ARC 2M Net 4/64/0 (K5TLL) 1 Tornado Net Activation: 1/26/6
Hattiesburg 2M Simplex Net 1/11/0 (K5TLL)
Itawamba County ARES Net 4/65/4 (WX5SE)
Jackson County Em Net 27/549/2 (K5MOZ)
Lamar County ARC 10M Net 4/38/0 (K5TLL)
Lowndes County ARC Net 4/35/5 (KF5AZ)
MDXA Net 4/33/0 (W5DAW)
Metro Jackson ARES Net 4/41/0 (AE5SK)
Miss/Lou Em Net 4/23/0 (K5NRK)
MS Coast ARA Net 3/38/0 (N5AHM)
MS Preparedness Project EN 3/36/0 (KF5RFB)
Northeast MS Skywarn Net 5/58/0 (WA5TEF)
Pearl River ARC Net 5/58/0 (K5RDA)
Pearl River ARES Net 4/39/0 (KE5WJN)
Rankin County ARES Net 5/91/0 (KG5AVT)
Scott County ARES 4/38/0 (KC5IIW)
SE MS ARES Net 1/17/0 (K5TLL)
Stone County ARES Net 4/46/0 (N5UDK)
Tishomingo ARC Net 4/74/0 (WX5N)
UMARC Sunday UHF Net 4/13/0 (K5LMB)
UMARC Sunday VHF Net 4/34/0 (K5LMB)
UMARC Tuesday VHF Ultra Net 4/16/0 (KG5AUW)
UMARC Tuesday VHF Simplex Ultra Net 4/13/0 (KG5AUW)

PSHR - W5XX 90 and KA5DON 78.

Traffic - N5JUM 18, KA5DON 13, KG5FRZ 10 and W5XX 10.

Compilation of Net Statistics provided by KB5RCJ.


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