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Mississippi Section Report For
 October, 2016

SM:  Malcolm Keown, W5XX.  Section Web Site: www.arrlmiss.org.  Web Master: w5ue@arrl.net.


Thanks to the Marion County HRC for hosting the 2016 ARRL Day in the Park. The event was attended by 30 plus Hams at the Columbia Water Park, a first-class facility. Chairman AF5NG extends his thanks to the following Club Members for supporting the event: KK4TXB, KF5ZCI, AG5AB, KD5QEO, KF5KJQ, AG5FP, N5NJC, and the XYL`s of AF5NG and AG5FP.

Forrest County EC N5MZ notes that the Southeast Mississippi ARES provided communications support for the Mississippi Diabetes Foundation 5K Walk. All went smoothly. Coordinator N5MZ notes that he was assisted by KD5XG, W5TUT, N5ARM, KF7DFW, and KG5QAZ.

From Lee County EC WA5TEF reports from the Tupelo Airport that the Annual Papa Jack`s Trade Day was another success with 90 Hams in attendance. In addition, the VE test Session yielded 4 new Techs or upgrades.

Desoto County EC KF5WVJ advises that on October 24 the Desoto County EOC hosted a Skywarn Weather Spotter Training Course. Several ARES members were on hand for training and to give tours of the radio room as well as to discuss and answer any questions from prospective Hams about ARES role in the community. On duty were: KB0ZTX, KF5KVL, KF5WVJ, N5UOV, W5TOD, KF5MMR, AG5FG, and KC5RDP.

From Itawamba County from EC KE5BSB notes that his ARES Team took portable KX3s to Brice`s Cross Roads (NPOTA BS01) and activated the National Park for about 2 1/2 hours making about 80 contacts 20 SSB and about 60 CW. In addition, KE5BSB took the EMCOMM Trailer to Papa Jack`s Trade Day and set it up for display purposes only, but had it fully operational generator power for about 3 1/2 hours.

KF5QGF reports from Olive Branch that the OBARC set up a demonstration station for the Olive Branch City Fall Festival to demonstrate Ham Radio to the Festival attendees. Those participating were KF5TPT, K5OLV, KM4USQ, and W5KDM.

DEC N5ZNT advises that on October 8 and 9 Hams from the Southeast Louisiana ARC (SELARC) and the Southwest Mississippi ARC (SWMSARC) provided communications support for the annual Multiple Sclerosis (MS) 150-Mile Bike Ride (Dat`s How We Roll) from Hammond to McComb and back. With 600 plus cyclists spread over the 75 mile route each day it was important to maintain good communications with the 6 Rest Stops and the mobile units, as well as with the MS staff and medical personnel at the beginning and ending of the route. The 43 Hams from SELARC and SWMARC provided over 400 man hours of assistance and lived up to the level of excellence which Hams have demonstrated over the 30 plus years of assisting with the Bike Ride. The SELARC 147.00 repeater provided excellent coverage over the route, with assistance from the WB5ERM UHF link in Mississippi on the northern end of the route. Those SWMARC Members participating were KF5TQG, KD5RGT, AE5FK, KG5HZU, AD7KJ, and N5ZNT.
SWARC also supported the Mississippi Diabetes Walk/5K Run in McComb on October 29. Those supporting this event were KF5TQG, KD5RGT, KG5HZU, AD5KJ, N5ZNT, WU5U, N9ZAB and future Ham, Colt Piper.
K5ARN advises that the Columbus ARC now has a new blog up to support their Thursday `Hams Eating Chicken` lunch group. Check it out at www.hamseatingchicken.com

On your short-range calendar pencil in the November 11-12 for the Jackson County Hamfest in Ocean Springs at the St. Martin Community Center (POC: K5MOZ); December 10 for the Poplarville Hamfest at the Pearl River County EOC (POC: K5RDA); and December 10 for the 599 DX Banquet in Wiggins (POC: N5FG).

And on your long-range calendar January 27-28 for the ARRL Section Convention and Capital City Hamfest at the Trademart in Jackson (POC: K5GCY). Our representative from ARRL Headquarters will be Steve Ewald, WV1X; and April 1-2 for the Mississippi QSO Party.

The new officers of the Marion County HRC are AF5ZA, President; AG5AB, VP; and AG5FP S/T.

Welcome to the following new Hams in Mississippi in October: AG5HI, Hubert - Florence; AG5HJ, Linda - Yazoo City; KG5PSJ, Amanda - Ellisville; KG5PSQ, Leo - Ocean Springs; KG5PTY, Jack - Madison;  KG5PTZ, Clint - Brandon; KG5PUA, Darrell - West; KG5PVF, Robert - New Albany; KG5PVH, Abigail - Foxworth;  KG5PWJ, Gregory - Petal; KG5PWK, Jaxon - Petal; KG5PWL, Michael - Petal; KG5PWM, Kyle - Petal;  KG5PWN, Elijah - Petal; KG5PWO, Tanner - Petal; KG5PWP, Zachary - Petal; KG5PWQ, John - Petal; KG5PWS, Myles - Petal; KG5PWT, Nathan - Petal; KG5PWU, Thomas - Petal;  KG5PWV, Kenneth - Petal; KG5PWW, Hunter - Richton; KG5PWX, Ciana - Petal; KG5PWY, David - Petal; KG5PWZ, Dalton - Petal; KG5PXA, Marc - Petal; KG5PXB, Joseph - Petal; KG5PXC, Josie - Petal; KG5PXD, Allen - Petal; KG5PXE, Madai - Petal; KG5PXF, Austin - Petal; KG5PXG, Tyler - Petal; KG5PXH, Andrew - Petal; KG5PXI, Ashlyn - Petal; KG5PXJ, Taylor - Petal; KG5PXK, Robert - Dennis; KG5PXL, James - Mathiston; KG5PXU, James - Southaven; KG5PXV, Rena - Byhalia; KG5PXX, John - Tupelo; KG5PXY, Stanley - Pontotoc; KG5PYF, Gary - Waynesboro; KG5QAW, Chekesha - Columbia; KG5QAX, Shane - Tylertown; KG5QAY, Larry - Columbia; and KG5QAZ, Caleb - Hattiesburg.    

WOW! 43 new Hams in October. Looking over the list above, it looks like there was a lot of action in Petal!  Invite one of these new recruits to your next Club Meeting!

Also, welcome to the following new ARRL Members in October: KG5DMF, Jim - Brandon; K5DRI, Bobby - Wiggins;  KG5ERY, Maurice - Pontotoc; KG5FIF, Patrick - Saucier; KC5FMN, Larry - Union; KG5GQP, Robert - Southaven; KD4GUB, Paul - Southaven; AG5HJ, Linda - Yazoo City; W5HNZ, Joey - Columbus; KK5JU, James - Pontotoc; KE5KJP, Daniel - Petal;  KE5LPZ, George - Hattiesburg; K5PRZ, Ricky -  Olive Branch; KG5PST, Kristofor - Biloxi;  KD5WIJ, Monte - Sallis; AF5XB, Roy - Brandon; KF5XO, Emanuel - Purvis; and N9ZAB - Brookhaven. 

As of October 31, ARRL Membership in Mississippi was 1,088 up 5 from the last report on September 30.  

And last but not least welcome to N5DU as DEC for West Central Mississippi, KD5GMI as EC for Hinds County, KG5IIS as EC for Madison County, and WB5AKR as OES.

Congratulations to the following on their upgrades in October: KC5BCI, Jay - Clinton; KF5DLW, Justin - Hattiesburg; KG5LEU, Kenny - Saltillo; KG5MMX, Armand - Nesbit; KG5MPE, Donald - Ellisville; KG5OVI, Wayne - Waveland; KG5OZY, Richard - Meridian; KG5PBJ, Edward - Walls; KG5PEA, Jeffrey - Corinth; KG5PIU, Keith - Collins; KG5PPA, Kaleb - Petal; and KG5PND, Neal - Seminary. 

ASEC/DEC Reports for October 2016: KC5IMN (ASEC/WC MS), WX5N (NE MS), KB5VE (SE MS), N5ZNT (SW MS), and KB0ZTX (NW MS)

EC Reports for October 2016: KE5BSB (Itawamba), KF5IAY (Carroll and Montgomery), KA5ICO (Chickasaw), KF5IMA (Lafayette), KC5IMN (Hinds, Copiah, and Madison), KC5IIW (Scott), N5KDA (Adams), N5LJC (Marion), KE5MIS/KD5NDU (Yalobusha), K5MOZ (Jackson), KF5MWE (Clarke), N5MZ (Forrest), WX5N (Prentiss), K5NRK (Warren), NS5M (Washington), N9OKV (Harrison), AF5PO (Tishomingo), N5SP (Lamar), WA5TEF (Lee), KF5WVJ (DeSoto), and KB0ZTX (Marshall).

Club Newsletter/Reports (Editor): Mississippi Coast ARA Splatter (KB9ZR) and the Meridian ARC Spark Gap (W5MAV).

HF Net Reports - sessions/QNI/QTC (Net Manager)

Magnolia Section Net 31/988/10 (K5DSG)
MPP HF Net 2/16/0 (W5DIX)
MS Baptist Hams Net 5/35/0 (WF5F)
MSPN 31/2207/19 K5NRK

VHF Net Reports - sessions/QNI/QTC (Net Manager)

Booneville and Prentiss County Weekly Net 4/71/0 (WX5N)
Capital Area Em Net 5/57/0 (K5XU)
DeSoto County Emergency Training and Information Net 5/114/0 (KF5WVJ)
Hattiesburg ARC Emergency 2M Net 5/83/0 (K5TLL) 
Hattiesburg 2M Simplex Net 1/11/0 (K5TLL)
Hattiesburg ARC 10M Simplex Net 5/44/0 (K5TLL)
Itawamba County ARES Net 5/60/0 (KE5BSB)
Jackson County Em Net 6/77/0 (K5MOZ)
Lowndes County ARC Net 4/46/0 (KF5AZ)
Marion County HRC 4/24/0 (N5LJC)
MDXA Net 4/39/0 (N5GD)
Meridian Area Em Net 1/11/0 (KF5ETN)
Metro Jackson ARES Net 5/49/0 (AE5SK)
MPP 2M Net 4/38/0 (W5DIX)
MLEN 5/38/0 (K5NRK)
Northeast MS Skywarn Net 5/72/0 (WA5TEF)
Olive Branch ARC Net 17/122/0 (KF5QGF)
Rankin County ARES Net 4/64/0 (KG5AVT)
Scott County ARES Training Net 5/41/0 (KC5IIW)
Scott County ARES Simplex Net 2/7/0 (KC5IIW)
Sundancer Solar Radio Club 5/41/0 (KA5ICO)
Tishomingo ARC Net 4/104/0 (AF5PO)
UMARC UHF Net 5/17/0 (K5LMB)
UMARC VHF Net 5/34/0 (K5LMB)

PSHR - KA5DON 152 and W5XX 74.

Traffic: KA5DON 102, KG5FRZ 8, W5XX 7, and W5JGW 2.

Compilation of Net Statistics provided by KB5RCJ.


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