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Mississippi Section Report For
 February, 2015

SM:  Malcolm Keown, W5XX.  Section Web Site: www.arrlmiss.org.  Web Master: w5ue@arrl.net.

District Emergency Coordinators: WB5CON, KC5IMN, K5JAW, N9OKV, AG5Z, N5ZNT and KB0ZTX.

The next big event on the calendar is the Mississippi QSO Party on April 4. Complete rules are on the Section Website at www.arrlmiss.org.  This is the one time of the year when Hams around the country can find a QSO with Mississippi.  Believe it or not Mississippi can be hard to come by for WAS. There will also be folks who will be looking for that last Mississippi QSO for 5BWAS or that very rare county for USACA.

Lee County EC WA5TEF reports that along with Tishomingo and Prentiss County ARES, they commenced a local SET at 0900 CST on Saturday, March 7th. With the Lee County situation, the scripted scenario simulated a 4 inch freezing rain with total power outage and communication failure including the cellular networks. The local EOC requested help from the amateur community which responded immediately with the following hams participating: W5STV, KE5UFZ, K2OWK, WX5N, AK5CT, AF5OH, KF5V, WA5CYR and WA5TEF. WA5TEF commenced as net control and proceeded to contact the local police and sheriff's departments.  To make matters worse, a train carrying Sodium Chlorate derailed in midtown Tupelo.  With a reported leak in one of the cars, the police department cordoned off the area.  With a brisk northerly wind blowing the potential cloud toward the North Mississippi Medical Center, they were contacted in time to move patients to center hallways and secure all outer doors and windows.  Other hams reported on road conditions and downed power lines to local authorities. Hazmat was contacted with the help of WX5N in Tishomingo County.  They responded and secured the leaking chemicals.
Jim reports that shortly afterwards, bright sunshine commenced and the ice started melting. With the apparent danger passed, the SET Net was secured at 1015 hours. All during the message handling and traffic passing, care was taken to note that this was "only a drill".  Frequencies used were the KK5K repeater on 147.24 and also 3.862. Good signals were reported which was a good test in itself. They had made plans to move to 7.238 but found this unnecessary because of the signal quality on 75 meters.  They did find that handheld units were not capable of communicating at the various locations needed so they shifted to "base stations" on simulated emergency power.  ARES is already planning another local SET perhaps in June or July.

K1REZ reports on a Ham Radio Demo conducted at French Camp Academy which is located on the Natchez Trace in historic French Camp, MS. The Academy is a Christian Boarding School for disadvantaged and young children. With the help of members of the Magnolia Intertie and the Scott County Amateur Radio Club they are establishing their own Amateur Radio Club. On Saturday, February 21st, five members of the Scott County Amateur Radio Club, KC5IIW, K5TMA, KF5YGG, W5JMJ, and K1REZ, joined K5BLL and Magnolia Intertie members K4FMH and N5DU, in presenting Amateur Radio to the students at French Camp Academy.
The Scott County ARC group set up a Broadband HamNet station, a Digital Amateur Radio Station, a Mobile Digital Amateur Radio station, and a 2 Meter Station. K5BLL and the Magnolia Intertie group set up a SSB station. These stations were set up as GOTA (Get On The Air) stations and the youth were allowed to get hands on experience making contacts. On the SSB station students made contacts with several stations in other states. Being most comfortable with computers, the youth naturally gravitated to the digital station where they enjoyed making keyboard-to-keyboard contact with W5JMJ who was operating a mobile digital station located elsewhere on campus. After each digital contact the students were awarded their very first QSL card. Numerous handouts were given to the students for further reading and plans are being made to return to French Camp to teach a Technician Exam course followed by a VE session. If you are interested in donating time, equipment, or funds toward this worthy project please contact K4FMH at frankmhowell@gmail.com

PIO KF5ZCI reports that on February 14 the Petal Amateur Wireless Society (N5YH) provided race communications for the 3rd annual Lighthouse 5k run and 2 mile walk to benefit the Petal Children’s Task Force. Participants were K5JBA, KG5AZI, KF5YXY, KG5DKG, N5MZ, KG5ASA, and KG5ASB with KF5ZCI as the net control station.
The Vicksburg ARC again provided communications for the 37 th Run Through History at the Vicksburg National Military Park.  VARC Members passed along Run/Walk leader information to Race Officials and time for the 700 plus runners and walkers as they passed by the mile markers. VARC Activity Chairman N5KWT reports no serious incidents occurred. Those participating, in addition to Don, were WB5YKR, KC5VTN, W5WAF, N5JGK, K5NRK, and K5IMT.  And from Jackson K5GCY, and from Scott County K1REZ, W5JMJ, and KF5YGG.  Thanks to the folks from Hinds and Scott Counties for helping!
N5MZ reports a good test session at Petal High School. The VE Team tested 15 students during two sessions, and overall had 11 new Technicians and 2 upgrades to General. Wow! Keep the new young Hams coming! And talk about VE Teams going the extra mile, the Olive Branch ARC Regular Test Session was cancelled due to hazardous weather.  A special session was set up at the QTH of KD5CKP. VEs N5UOV, K5RCF, KK4CWV, and KF5HAJ braved the ice to conduct the session. As a result KF5QGF upgraded to Extra and KG5GBH got his Technician.  Good Show!
Welcome to the following new Hams in Mississippi in February: KG5FRV, William - Jackson; KG5FRW, Isaac - West Point; KG5FRY, Susan - Byram; KG5FRZ, Edward - Wesson; KG5FSA, Alva - Florence; KG5FSB, Benjamin - Pearl; KG5FSC, Rusty - Braxton; KG5FSD, John - Madison; KG5FUJ, Wyatt - Petal; KG5FUY, Kyle - Oxford; KG5FVY, Juan - Biloxi; KG5FVZ, Matthew - Gulfport; KG5FWJ, Nathaniel - West Point; KF5FXM, Nathan - Petal; KG5FXN, Luke - Petal; KG5FXO, Christopher - Petal; KG5FXP, Cheyenne - Petal; KG5FXQ, Tristan - Petal; KG5FXR, Drew - Petal; KG5FXS, Daniel - Petal; KG5FXT, Chester - Petal; KG5FXU, Seth - Petal; KG5FXV, Jon - Petal; KG5FXW, Samuel - Petal; KG5FXY, Robert - Picayune; KG5FYS, Donald - Hattiesburg; KG5FYT,  Daniel - Pelahatchie; and KG5GBH, Richard - Byhalia. 30 new Hams in February. Great! Thanks for the assistance from the instructors, mentors, and VE Teams, who conducted the exams.
Also welcome to the following new ARRL Members in February: KB5DMT, Charles - Sentobia; KG5EQQ, Carol - Biloxi; KG5FSA, Rusty - Florence; KF5JAS, Ray - Lucedale; KE5JOY, V. W. - Purvis; K5LFS, Bobby - Belmont; WA5MPH, Walter - Diamondhead; N5MUF, Thomas - Pearl; N8NVI, Nawas - Horn Lake; AF5QC, Glenn - Corinth; W5QXL, Lynn - Grenada; KX5V, Steve - Gulfport; KB5WWS, Lori - Senatobia. The Mississippi ARRL Membership is up 3 in February to 1,146.  Thanks for your continuing help on recruiting new members.
….. And last, but certainly not least, welcome to the following new ECs: N5EYM - Montgomery County; KF5IAY - Carroll County; and NS5M - Washington County.
Congratulations to the following on their upgrades in February: KG5ABU, Trey - Madison; KG5ASB, Joshua - Petal; KG5BAX, Robert - Greenwood; KG5EQS, Deborah - Gulfport; KG5FEG, Pao - Brandon; KG5FEH, Hui - Madison; KG5FEX, William - Meridian; KG5FJY, Frank - Gulfport; KF5KMI, Leon - Brandon; KF5QGF, Craig - Olive Branch; KE5RUD, Kelly - Clinton; KF5SRD, Tevin - Petal; KF5TJT, Robert - Olive Branch;  KF5TJU, David - Olive Branch; KC5VQF, Stephen - Biloxi; and  KE5VEB, Thomas - Oakland.
 Club Newsletters/Reports: Lowndes County ARC (WE5BEE), Meridian ARC (W5MAV) and Tishomingo County ARC (KG5BJA).
DEC/EC Reports: WB5CON (NE MS/Alcorn), AE5FE (Lauderdale and Clarke), N5LJC (Marion), K5MOZ (Jackson), N5MZ (Forrest), WX5N (Prentiss and Tishomingo), WX5SE (Itawamba), WA5TEF (Lee), and KE5WJN (Pearl River).
Regret to report the passing of W4HOZ of Lucedale (OM of KD5RHB). Dr. Read was a retired Professor of Archaeology at the University of South Alabama, a good ham, and the kind of person who never met anybody he didn’t like. Also regret the passing of KE5AVI of Columbus, XYL of KD5YTC, and a retired Navy war veteran with service in Desert Storm and Desert Shield and a member of the Lowndes County ARC.

HF Net Reports - sessions/QNI/QTC (Net Manager)

Magnolia Section Net 28/1024/9 (K5DSG)
MS Baptist Hams Net 4/27/0 (WF5F)
MSPN 28/2070/14 (K5NRK)
MS Slow Net 20/38/0 (W3TWD)

VHF Net Reports - sessions/QNI/QTC (Net Manager)

Booneville and Prentiss County ARES Net 4/44/0 (WX5N)
Capital Area Em Net 4/67/0 (K5XU)
Chickasaw ARA 4/81/0 (N5PYQ)
Delta ARES Net 4/30/0 (K5JAW)
Hattiesburg ARC EM Net 4/77/1 (K5TLL)
Hattiesburg ARC 2M Simplex Net 1/12/1 (K5TLL)
Hattiesburg ARC 10M Net 4/35/0 (K5TLL)
Itawamba County ARES 4/54/1 (WX5SE)
Jackson Area Em Net 3/36/0 (N5DU)
Jackson County Em Net 25/513/7 (K5MOZ)
Lowndes Co ARC Net 4/62/2 (AD5DO)
Magnolia DX Assn 4/40/0 (W5DAW)
Meridian AEN 4/56/0 (AE5FE)
Metro Jackson ARES Net 4/52/1 (AE5SK)
Mississippi Coast ARES WX, Training, and Tech Net 4/53/0 (N5AHM).
Miss/Lou Em Net 4/28/0 (K5NRK)
Northeast MS Skywarn Net 4/53/0 (WA5TEF)
Olive Branch Tech and Info Net 11/85/1 (KD5CKP)
Pearl River ARES 4/49/0 (KE5WJN)
Pearl River ARC 4/67/4 (K5RDA)
Petal Amateur Wireless Society 4/26/0 (NG5C)
Scott County ARES Training Net 4/63/0 (KC5IIW)
Southern Mississippi YL Net 4/45/0 (KB5CSQ)
Stateline Skywarn Net 4/45/1 (WX5SE)
Stone County ARES Net 4/56/0 (N5UDK)
Tishomingo ARC Net 4/53/0 (WX5N)
UMARC VHF Net 4/41/0 (K5LMB)
UMARC UHF Net 4/23/0 (K5LMB)
Yazoo County ARES Net 4/16/0 (KF5DJS)

Traffic: KA5DON 33, W5XX 11
Public Service Honor Roll: KA5DON 83 and W5XX 81.
Compilation of Net and PSHR statistics provided by KB5RCJ.


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