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Mississippi Section Report For
 March, 2016

SM:  Malcolm Keown, W5XX.  Section Web Site: www.arrlmiss.org.  Web Master: w5ue@arrl.net.


The thirteenth Mississippi QSO Party is now history. Unfortunately, there was a solar storm on the day before which had lingering effects until about noon on Saturday; however, the bands picked up after that.  There was good participation both inside and outside Mississippi.  As of April 7 83 logs had been received. More info to follow.
The Louisiana Mississippi Packet Backbone is a group that has been organized for the purpose of establishing a packet based communications backbone throughout the states of Mississippi and Louisiana with tie-in to neighboring states. The backbone will serve as a backup communications link between the county, state and Federal Emergency Operations Centers (EOC) located throughout both states as well as a method of funneling reported emergency and weather information from spotters in the field to the various EOCs and appropriate State and Federal organizations. The group is working with ARES, RACES, federal, and state personnel from both states. This project will include FEMA certified training for both the amateur operators in the field as well as for amateur volunteers that will be certified to man positions at the various EOC`s. The VHF packet frequency of 145.010 MHz has been designated as the primary backbone channel.

Co-Chair AB6Z requests that if you know of Packet nodes/digipeters that can be activated or that can be dedicated for use in this system, would like to become a member of one of the project`s teams, or would like to become a FEMA certified operator, you can contact the project Co-Chair, Tom Kelly - AB6Z at ab6z@arrl.net or tkelly49@yahoo.com 

KF5ZCI reports that on Saturday April 2nd 27 ham operators from several clubs in Southeast Mississippi provided communications the for Hattiesburg Clinic Rise&Shine 5k and half marathon lasting for some five hours. They were not only able to provide communications for race officials but also Hattiesburg Clinic Sports Medicine.  During the race the Net Control Station moved operators to different stations where they were needed in addition to providing information on traffic and helping relocate race officials to other posts along the race course. Operators were KF5ZCI, KE5AFC, N5SP, NY9U, N5MZ, KB5VE, KD5XG, KF7DLW, K5VBB, KF5ZQM, KG5HBB, W5TUT, KG5LVL, NG5C, AE5QX, KG5ASA, KF5ZFV, K5VO, AG5AE, KK4TXB, KG5FXU, KG5KIV, N5ARM, AG5AB, KG5AZL, KG5AZM, K5DVO, and KG5KIT.  On the Thursday before KF5ZCI and NG5C set up an information booth to promote Ham Radio.

K5LMB reports that the University of Mississippi Amateur Radio Club, W5UMS, conducted a VE Testing session at their February monthly meeting. KC5IQZ, brought his son and his family for VE Testing. His son Bob AG5CY passed all three elements in one sitting, earning his Amateur Extra license.  Earning their Technician licenses were AG5CY`s wife, Sarah KG5MBM, and three sons, Matthew, KG5MBN, Timothy, KG5MBO, and Jonathan, KG5MBP.  Congratulations to the Hill Family for joining Amateur Radio and thanks to the UMARC/W5UMS VE Team for conducting the test: W5XF, KZ7H, AB5TR, and W1IBL.

N5MZ reports that the Petal High School Technology Center received a nice write up on their efforts to promote Ham Radio in the April 2016 Edition of `Tech Directions`, which is a publication promoting `Linking Education to Careers.`  The Technology Center sponsors the Petal Amateur Wireless Association (PAWS) which has licensed many teenagers through classes and VE Test Sessions.

Welcome to the following new Hams in Mississippi in March: AC5CY, Bob - Oxford; KG5LXG, Leslie - Vicksburg; KG5MBM, Sarah - Water Valley; KG5MBN, Matthew - Water Valley; KG5MBO, Timothy - Water Valley; KG5MBP, Jonathan - Water Valley; KG5MCD, Anna - Wiggins; KG5MCE, Timothy - Saltillo; KG5MEY, Lillian - Bay Saint Louis; KG5MFO, Stacey - Belden; KG5MFP, Evan - Olive Branch; KG5MFQ, Stephen - Olive Branch; KG5MFR, Dennis - Southaven; KG5MHI, Randy - Meridian; KG5MID, Craig - Poplarville; KG5MMZ, Armand - Nesbit; KF5MNA, Colton - Meridian; KG5MPD, James - Laurel; and KG5MPE, Donald - Ellisville.  Invite one of these new Hams to your next local club meeting!

Also welcome to the following new ARRL Members in March: W5DIX, Mark - Madison; KB1JFZ, David - Carriere; KG5JKN, Thomas - Monticello; KG5LEL, Marilyn - West; AC5MC, Michael - Golden; KB5SAT, Herbert - Hurly; W5SGO, Manual - Collins; and KM5ZA - Columbus. As of March 31 ARRL Membership in Mississippi was 1,129 down 14 from the last report on February 29. Time to go back to work recruiting new members!    

And last but not least, welcome to KF5KVL as Assistant EC in DeSoto County.

Congratulations to the following on their upgrades: KG5CAH, Timothy - Waveland; KG5KSR, John - Ocean Springs; KG5LEV, Harvey - Bogue Chitto; KG5LGS, Dillon - Liberty; KG5LVL, Kyle - Laurel; and KD5PBI, Nicholas - Meridian. 

Also congratulations to K2FF who worked VK0EK for his last country to reach the ARRL Top of the DXCC Honor Roll.  Only took him 37 years. Also congratulations to WB5EIN, who just received his 5BDXCC.

SEC/DEC/EC Reports for March 2016: WB5CON (Alcorn), KC5IIW (Scott), KF5IMA (Lafayette), KC5IMN (WC MS/ Copiah, Hinds, Madison), N5KDA (Adams), K5LJC (Marion), K5MOZ (Jackson), N5MZ (Forrest), WX5N (NE MS/Prentiss), AF5PO (Tishomingo), WX5SE (Itawamba), K1REZ (SEC), K5SCW (Pearl River), WA5TEF (Lee), KB5VE (SE MS), KF5WVJ (DeSoto), and N5ZNT (SW MS/Franklin/Lincoln/Wilkinson).

PIO Report: KF5ZCI

Club Newsletter/Reports (Editor): Meridian ARC (W5MAV) and the Mississippi Coast ARA Splatter (KF5SQF).

Regret to report the passing of K5HYE of Mendenhall.

HF Net Reports - sessions/QNI/QTC (Net Manager)

Magnolia Section Net 31/964/11 (K5DSG)
MS Baptist Hams Net 2/13/0 (WF5F)
MSPN 31/2237/8 (K5NRK)
MS-NBEMS Net 4/22/4 (N5TQF)

VHF Net Reports - sessions/QNI/QTC (Net Manager)

Alcorn County ARES 5/64/1 (WB5CON)
Booneville and Prentiss County Net 5/71/0 (WX5N)
Capital Area Em Net 3/36/0 (K5XU)
DeSoto County Emergency Training and Information Net 4/102/0 (KF5WVJ/N5PYQ)
2 severe storm activations
Forrest County ARES (N5MZ) 2 severe storm activations.
Hattiesburg ARC Emergency 2M Net 4/57/2 (K5TLL) 
Hattiesburg ARC 10M Simplex Net 4/29/0 (K5TLL)
Hattiesburg ARC 2M Simplex Net 1/7/0 (K5TLL)
Itawamba County ARES 5/92/4 (WX5SE) 1 severe storm activation.
Jackson County Em Net 27/621/0 (K5MOZ)
Marion County ARES (N5LJC) 1 severe storm activation
Lowndes County ARC Net 5/41/0 (KF5AZ)
MDXA Net 5/54/0 (N5GD)
Metro Jackson ARES Net 3/23/0 (AE5SK/KC5IMN)
MPP Net 5/61/0 (W5DIX)
MS Coast Em Services, WX, Training, and Tech Net May 5/90/0 (N5AHM)
Miss/Lou Em Net 5/96/1 (K5NRK)
Miss/Lou ARES Emergency Net (N5KDA) 1 severe storm activation
Northeast MS Skywarn Net 4/56/0 (WA5TEF)
Olive Branch ARC Net 17/139/1 (KF5QGF)
Pearl River ARC Net 4/56/0 (K5RDA)
Rankin County ARES Net 5/76/0 (KG5AVT)
Scott County ARES Training Net 4/39/0 (W5JMJ)
Scott County ARES Simplex Net 4/14/0 (W5JMJ)
SE MS ARES Net (KB5VE) 2 severe storm activations
Tishomingo ARC Net 5/96/0 (AF5PO)
UMARC UHF Net 4/15/0 (K5LMB)
UMARC VHF Net 4/56/0 (K5LMB)

PSHR - KA5DON 89 and W5XX 73.

Traffic: KA5DON 39, W5XX 11, and KG5FRZ 8.

Compilation of Net Statistics provided by KB5RCJ.

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