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Mississippi Section Report For
 January, 2015

SM:  Malcolm Keown, W5XX.  Section Web Site: www.arrlmiss.org.  Web Master: w5ue@arrl.net.

Thanks to the Jackson ARC for hosting another great Capital City Hamfest.  Hamfest Chairman K5GCY notes that 1364 hams registered which is a new record! Our special guests were K5UR, ARRL Vice President, K5UZ, Delta Division Director, WD4Q, Past Delta Division Director, and K5GLS, Delta Division Assistant Director. During the ARRL Forum K5UZ presented the 'Joe Knight Distinguished Service Award' to W5XX for exemplary service as ARRL Section Manager and the 'Herb S. Brier ARRL Instructor of the Year Award' to N5MZ for excellence in teaching and promoting Ham Radio in the classroom. Ham Radio got some nice media coverage (with photo) in the January 29 Petal News regarding N5MZ being presented the ARRL Instructor of the Year Award.

In other Hamfest happenings, K0BS from Pulaski, Tennessee won the Grand Prize. Further, VE Team Leader AE5SK reports that the Hamfest VE Session resulted in a total of 27 candidates (one tried twice).   Of those, there were 8 new Technicians, 7 that either were new or upgrades to General, and 3 that upgraded to Extra.

A Go Box Competition was held this year as a new item on the Hamfest agenda.  The winners were KK4TXB, KF5MWE, KI4IKM, and N5KLT in order from first to fourth. This promises to be an annual event.

K5GCY thanks all of those who helped conduct the Hamfest including K5RWB, KD5NHJ, K5XU, K5KKD, AK5J, W5RUE, AE5SK, AD5XR, W5TWZ, KD5SBP, KC5STC, N3TZJ, AF5QD, N5MTW, K1JHS, KC5LK, N5KLT, N5TQF, N5GT, KE5WAC, N5OH, and XYLs Annie Spencer, Marsha Wood, and Angela Yates.

The Vicksburg ARC again provided communications for the Chill in the Hills Run/Walk which wound its way through the hills and valleys of downtown Vicksburg. Nothing of note happened except VARC members were asked to step in and help direct runner/walkers and traffic (if they had their ARES vest on).  Those participating were Chairman N5KWT, K5IMT, W5WAF, N5JGK, W5XX, K5NRK, and from Jackson K5GCY, KF5EZT, KF5IZ, and N5NKD.  Thanks for coming over, folks!
As part of the 2014 ARRL Centennial Celebration a year long QSO Party was held.  Points were accumulated during the year for QSOs with members, appointees, and elected officials.  Team Leader N4OGW notes that Mississippi was well represented with NA5NN, AG5Z, N5KDV, KD5UVV, and WQ5L having the top five point scores, and AG5Z, NA5NN, WQ5L, N4OGW, and K5GDX making the most QSOs. AG5Z had 12,722 QSOs (Wow!).

On your long range calendar add the 2015 Mississippi QSO Party which will be held Saturday April 4 from 9am to 9 PM local time.  Please plan to put in a few hours to give those deserving hams that last QSO for WAS or that rare county they have been looking for. Activity both inside and outside Mississippi has continually increased over the past few years such that the MSQP is a major event on the national QSO Party calendar.  The rules are posted on the Section Website at www.arrlmiss.org.

AG5Z notes that the 10 th anniversary of Katrina making landfall will be in August of this year. In commemoration of this catastrophic, event special event stations will possibly operate from Ocean Springs, Gulfport, Pascagoula, Biloxi, Wiggins, and Hattiesburg. More details to follow.

DEC/EC WB5CON reports that Alcorn County ARES had over 30 people in attendance at their recent meeting, a record turnout! One of the members writes for the Daily Corinthian and will be doing an article about the local Ham Club which will be published in March. Further, Fred notes that the broadband-hamnet wireless data that was mentioned in his December Report now has a second node operational, with a third one soon to be ready.  All 10 fire stations in Alcorn County want one and have agreed to buy the equipment needed (around $200 per node).  The Alcorn County EOC director was at the Meeting and is all in favor of the 900 MHz backbone. They will put VOIP SIP phones on the backbone so voice calls can be made between nodes.

N5DU and KC5AAW report that SMART in the Park was held again at Strawberry Park in Madison with outstanding weather for February.  The focus was QRP operations. KC5IMN set up a Yaesu FT-817 as the sideband station running 5 watts into an end fed Zepp up about 12 feet, while K5XU set up a kit type 20 Meter CW station running about 2 watts into a G5RV, Jr., up only about 10 feet. Mike made contacts with Florida, Ohio, Vermont, Colorado, and Minnesota.  N5TQF, set up his portable station connected to a vertical on his car.  There were several sideband contacts, including one with Venezuela, and two with Minnesota. There was also a good bit of interest from non-hams visiting the park. Thanks to KC5AAW for organizing the event and thanks to KC5IMN, K5XU, and N5TQF for setting up their stations.  And in a late report on the event K1REZ notes that he and KF5YGG set up a QRP digital station. Using the Fldigi program and MT63-2KL mode, they were able to make several digital contacts over VHF simplex, while successfully testing the acoustic coupling method with HT and Mobile radios.  About 20 hams were at the event and 10 visitors.

WB5EIN reports he had an extremely successful experience in Jackson when he addressed the annual convention of the Mississippi Educational Computing Association (MECA) at the Jackson Convention Center on 'Amateur Radio: Opening New Worlds for Your Students!' More than 1,000 MS educators (teachers, administrators, and higher education personnel) attended this year. 

Larry was privileged to have another MECA member, N5VEI, (Old Town Middle School in Madison) to drop in on the presentation and offer comments about his outstanding work with the near-space balloon launches he has conducted for several years with his middle school students, as well as his efforts as a "red shirt" representative of the ARRL.

After the presentation was over educators thronged around them asking questions like, 'How do I get a license?' 'How do I find a Ham in my town?' 'How expensive is it to bring Ham Radio into my classroom?' Larry notes that many of the educators still had the mental images of old ham operators, sitting in a dark room with massive radios around them, trying to make squeaky contacts with some remote island in the Pacific. Bill and Larry tried their best to allay any of these misconceptions. Bill carried them to a totally new level talking about, among other projects, how his students use Ham Radio to control robots remotely and perform remote sensing operations! Larry shared info about several of his interests: DX chasing, contesting, D-STAR, RemoteHamRadio, plus moonbounce, digital modes, emergency preparedness, community support, fox hunts, VHF/UHF repeater operations, and CW. This was certainly good PR for Ham Radio in the Education Community.

Welcome to the following new Hams in Mississippi in January: KG5FIF, Patrick - Saucier; KG5FJY, Frank - Gulfport; KG5FJZ, Perry - Ocean Springs; KG5FQC, James - Perkinston; KG5FQJ, Perry - Raymond; KG5FQK, Chad - Pearl; and KG5FQL, Hudie - Pearl. If any of these new Hams are in your area give them a call and see if they need any help getting on the air and invite them to your next local club meeting. 

Also welcome to the following new ARRL Members in January: KF5BXH, Benjamin - Hattiesburg; W5JGW, Jeffrey - Biloxi; KE5FJY, Frank - Gulfport;  WD5JPN, Rufus - Becker; KE5KRG, Vernon - Iuka; WB8LEM, Mark - Brandon; KB5LZX, Sammy - Amory; WF5N, Benjamin - Oxford; KC5NMB, Thomas - Columbus; N5OGE, Carmie - Richton; KA5PGN, William - Ripley; AF5PO, Jon - Corinth; KE5QHV, Betty - Gulfport; K5RPH, Larry - Jackson; N5RQW, Glen - Ellisville; and KE5YBS, David - Hattiesburg. As of January 31 ARRL Membership in Mississippi was 1,144.  No change from last month.  Thanks to all who promote ARRL Membership! 

Also welcome to K1REZ at Asst. SEC for Digital Operations and K5JAW as DEC for the Delta.

Congratulations to to the following on their upgrades: KG5EQQ, Carol - Biloxi; KD5MUO, Angela - Florence; and KF5WVJ, Richard - Nesbit. 

Additionally, congratulations to K5YG who worked K1N on Navassa Island to reach the Top of the Honor Roll (Bill says it took 60 years!), to K5SCW, who is now certified as an ARRL Field Instructor and Field Examiner and is working toward getting certified to mentor on-line students for EC-001, and to 11 year-old KF5NYQ, who was featured on WLOX-TV regarding his earning DXCC.

And last but not least, congratulation to the following who were elected as club officers for 2015: for the Olive Branch ARC K5RCF, President, KD5CKP, VP, W5SMB, Secretary, and KF5OIM, treasurer; for the Pearl River ARC K5SCW, President, KF5YTL, VP, KC5EAK, Secretary, and K5RDA, Treasurer; and to KF5FXR as President of the Tishomingo County ARC.

DEC/EC Monthly Reports for January 2015: WB5CON (NE MS/Alcorn), K5MOZ (Jackson), WX5N (Prentiss and Tishomingo); WA5TEF (Lee), and KE5WJN (Pearl River)

2014 EC Annual Reports: KC5IIW (Scott), K5JAW (Bolivar, Sunflower, Washington, and Leflore Counties), N5MZ (Forrest), WX5N Prentiss and Tishomingo), AE5SK (Hinds, Copiah, and Madison), WE5TEF (Lee), KB0ZTX (Marshall)

2014 SET EC Reports: KC5IIW (Scott), N9OKV (Harrison), AE5SK (Hinds, Copiah, and Madison).

2014 SET NM Reports: K1REZ (MS Digital Tfc Net), W5XX (MS ARES EM Net)

Club Newsletter/Reports (Editor): Meridian ARC (W5MAV).

Regret to report the passing of W5KHB of Natchez, who was the Elmer of his area; KF5TJK of Coffeeville, who was a long time check in to the MSPN; KF5HXE of Pope, XYL of KC5DPJ; and K5QBG of Port Gibson, who had the big signal on 160 AM.

HF Net Reports - sessions/QNI/QTC (Net Manager)

Magnolia Section Net 31/1026/9 (K5DSG
MS Baptist Hams Net 4/26/0 (WF5F)
MSPN 31/2515/19 (K5NRK)
MS Slow Net 21/41/0  (W3TWD)

VHF Net Reports -  sessions/QNI/QTC (Net Manager)

Booneville and Prentiss County Net 4/36/0 (WX5N)
Capital Area Em Net 4/68/0 (K5XU)
Chickasaw ARA Net 4/82/0 (N5PYQ)
Delta ARES Simplex Net 4/32/0 (K5JAW) 
Hattiesburg ARC 2M Net 4/81/0 (K5TLL) 
Hattiesburg ARC 10M Net  4/20/0  (K5TLL)
Itawamba County ARES Net 5/69/0 (WX5SE)
Jackson County Em Net  27/589/1  (K5MOZ)
Lowndes County ARC Net 4/51/2  (AD5DO)
MDXA Net 4/42/0  (W5DAW)
Metro Jackson ARES Net 4/38/0 (W5PKN)
Miss/Lou Em Net 5/34/0 (K5NRK)
MS Coast ARA Net 4/61/0 (N5AHM)
MSHEARN District 6 Net 3/21/0  (KF5QLL)
MS Preparedness Project Net 5/47/0 (KF5RFB)
Northeast MS Skywarn Net 4/33/0 (WA5TEF)
Olive Branch ARC Tech and Info Net 11/124/0 (KD5CKP)
Pearl River ARC Net 5/74/0 (K5RDA)
Pearl River ARES 4/45/0  (KE5WJN)
Petal Amateur Wireless Society 4/41/0  (NG5C)
Scott County ARES 4/45/0 (KC5IIW)
Scott County Skywarn 1/5/0  (KC5IIW)
Southern Mississippi YL Net 4/42/0 (KB5CSQ)
Stateline Skywarn Net  5/65/0  (WX5SE)    
Tishomingo ARC Net 4/66/0 (WX5N)
UMARC UHF Net 4/21/0 (K5LMB)
UMARC VHF Net 4/31/0 (K5LMB)

PSHR - W5XX 96, KA5DON 77, and K5JAW 72.

Traffic - KA5DON 27 and W5XX 11

Compilation of Net statistics provided by KB5RCJ.

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